Thanks so much for this Natasha! I used to travel a lot for work and I found it really interesting that a lot of the travel tips are basically the same ones I used to use as a frequent traveler. I NEVER would have thought that something from my old life would be useful in this situation. One other thing I’d add - always take extra socks! Including a cosy pair for the hotel. I would also bring my own teabags and a big travel mug so I could keep my morning routine as much as possible and not be at the mercy of whatever tea or tiny cups the hotel provided 😂

I’m hosting Christmas this year but really trying to focus on the important thing (being together with family for the first time after 2 solo Christmases, nice food, twinkly lights) and not the things brain weasels like to tell me are important (deep cleaned home, decorations everywhere, home cooking instead of buying in posh frozen food, being a good host means not going to bed halfway through the cooking for a lie down with noise cancelling headphones and eye mask and leaving the guests with a list of times things need to come out of the oven, be turned over, and put back in...). Feeling pretty hopeful about it so far!

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