How to reduce brain fog

Listen now | De-mist-ifying tips for people with chronic illness | Welcome back to Part 2 of our mini series on brain fog and chronic illness. | In our last episode, Neuroscientist Dr. Sabina Brennan explained to us what brain fog actually is and all the different ways it can impact us. | Today, we’re exploring the four main factors that contribute to brain fog, and what we can do to help reduce it. And, because this is The Rest Room, of course we’ll be doing this with an understanding that it’s not easy for people with chronic conditions, and offer tips and tricks for how to slowly, safely and sustainably work towards changes that may help with your brain fog, whilst also working for your body and lifestyle. | You can read the transcript here:  |  I want to say a big thank you to today’s episode sponsor, Fine and Able, who design accessible bathrooms in a style you love. They’re specialists in designing for a wide range of physical, cognitive and sensory conditions, but they know their customers are experts in their own bodies and will work closely with you to create your perfect space.They also have their own beautiful, innovative product range, which can be delivered throughout UK and added to any bathroom, including elegant shower seats, designer matt black grab rails, and gorgeous slip-resistant tiles. Visit and use code NATASHA200 to book your free design consultation and to get £200 off any product orders over £2000 made before midnight June 30th 2022, and start building your perfect accessible bathroom with Fine & Able today. | If you want to check out Dr Brennan’s book, you can buy it here: | To learn about pacing more with chronic illness, check out this episode of The Rest Room Podcast:  |  Subscribe to my newsletter 

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