Jun 15

Planning a chronic illness friendly wedding

In (a not super chronic illness friendly) 3 months...

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Ok so, I know how I often talk about pacing and thinking about how to break up activities and give myself as much time as possible to do things…and then…we decided to get married in August.

But we have a plan. And I love admin, so…this is going to be totally fine…?!

Sebastian and I got engaged in June of 2020, but with the whole pandemic going on we decided that we weren’t going to think about a wedding for the foreseeable future. Then we were in Germany in May and our friends got engaged and we were like, oh yeah we need to actually get married.

So we decided to do it this summer to make sure that people who were important to us were able to attend.

Neither of us really care about a party or wanted anything super “wedding-y”. That being said, we’ve agreed to try and do something small and special - and after telling my producer Philly on WhatsApp she insisted I grab my mic and jump on a call with her.

So, the question is: how do you plan a wedding, in 3 months, when you have chronic illness? The honest answer is…I have no idea… but I’m trying! 

In today’s episode, we talk about how I’m trying to create a special day that is as chronic illness friendly as possible. We talk about pacing and planning and prioritising and much more.

This is more of a chatty, personal, off the cuff episode, and we hope you find it interesting!

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